IDESIO’s platforms are based on the most advanced technologies from the communication, hardware, firmware and software viewpoint.
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Internet of Things

The IoT allows connecting objects, machines, sensors and actuators of any type to the Internet. Wireless connectivity unfolds the possibility for many applications not imaginable few years ago.

IDESIO is a spin-off of the University of Bologna. The research group led by Prof. Roberto Verdone, Radio Networks, supports IDESIO in the development of first trials using innovative technologies like NB-IOT and 5G.

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This application area requires long-range wireless connectivity for the acquisition of data from sensors placed on the ground, or in rivers. Sensors are often distributed over  mountainous or hilly areas,  which are difficult to access. In these cases the use of drones for the collection of data by means of radio technologies allowing for communication with ground devices at distances of more than 10 Km, is essential. It is estimated that the reduction of the operating cost, compared to the standard common means of displacement where human personnel is obliged to go to the inspected field, is considerably greater than 50%.

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The inspection of civil and industrial structures such as wind power plants, bridges, dams, power lines, resort to the use of drones to approach quickly and securely to the points that need to be observed, allowing operators to get in real time images and information on the ground.

Including IDESIO gateway system in the pre-existing camera-based inspection activities allows operators time to get additional data collected from sensors located at the observation points. For example, a civil structure can be monitored by means of mechanical vibration sensors; nodes can record data on internal memory and supply them to the drone, and from there to the ground. The combination of image and sensory data enables optimal inspection.

idesio | Infrastrutture civili


The discovery of animals scattered over a wide territory can often be burdensome and consuming in terms of time, effort and cost, particularly in forest environments or valleys. By equipping the animals with a radio node, a drone with a flight of a few minutes  can identify and localize them within an area of ​​tens or hundreds of square Km.


Vineyards, orchards, wheat fields. A perfect yield requires constant monitoring of the environmental and climatic characteristics as well as the crop quality monitoring. The combination of the sensors from the ground and photogrammetric collection capabilities guarantees the best control. Effortlessly.

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Industry 4.0

Warehouses, depots, production environments. Wireless technologies in indoor environments allow the efficiency of space and labor utilisation. Without cables.


IoT solutions for Smart City, Smart Building. When the drone can not fly due to regulatory reasons, gateways can serve end users from the ground.

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