Data Segment

Received data are elaborated and represented via web for further analysis and delivery to the fianl user.

Data on the Web

Data are accessible via web from any device, while residing in a dedicated and secure cloud component of the system. Alternatively, the software can be installed in a local data center or private cloud.

The application that IDESIO puts on disposal to the final user can be accessed through Internet from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and allows for real-time visualisation of operations performed in the field (the sensors that already transmitted data as well as the values measured) as well as the data analysis through suitable data analytics tools.

IDESIO Application

IDESIO’s application was designed in such a way to be extremely simple to use and it can be adapted in a very simple and fast way in order to respond to various final user’s needs.

Visual analytics tools allow analysing information received in a very simple and intuitive manner that does not require IT skills.

Whenever it is foreseen to collect large amounts of data, or to update information received very frequently, we put on disposal Big Data tools that can manage any amount of data without the need to modify the system architecture.

Finally, we put on disposal a number of APIs that allows for system integration, putting together information collected in the field with the preexisting system of the company. In this way, the information is provided for further analysis to anyone who might be interested in them, independently on the access to the cloud component.

Main Features

Cloud-based architecture that does not require investment in hardware and software infrastructure. 

Flexible and scalable management of all resources (computing power and storage) 

Multi-platform web application independent from the operating system and the browser used 

Availability of native apps for better integration with mobile terminals 

Visual analytics and data discovery tools for better understanding of the phenomena that you are observing

Use of open technologies, both standard and open source that guarantee investment protection

Availability of APIs that allow easy integration with local client’s systems

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